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This website is dedicated to all of my Mommy's furkids that have passed on: George, Ernie "Goo", Mr. and Mrs. Goldfish, Reggie, Midnight and my Aunt Paula's dog "T" Taylor...the sad passing of our neighbor's dog Leo, our dear Cape Cod friends's dog Amber who just entered Rainbow's Bridge, and to one of of our fans, Leah Dorfman, who just lost her battle with cancer.

You are always in our hearts.

My Mommy, myself along with my brother and sisters are on this Earth to help all of the helpless creatures. It is our life's work and passion. Nothing gives us greater joy. Mommy & I rescued each other and we are forever soulmates.

We donate our time and money to countless animal charities. We love to volunteer.

When I film a movie, commercial or model, a portion of my salary goes towards helping my fellow furkids. Mommy says it is the right thing to do, and it makes me feel good. In 2008 we raised a stellar amont of money for Stray From The Heart with our "Daffodils, Daisies and Dogs" event...$17,000 and over the past ten years upwards of $35,000...we will keep raising more with your help too.

Paws be with you...

Hugs and Woofs,

Beth Joy & Bella Starlet